Lessons Tailor Made for All Needs    


Why not try?

Believe it or not, we cater for ALL ages & abilities. So whether your daughter is 5 & interested in learning the piano, or you are 33 & haven't picked up your guitar properly for 10 years, or you're 78 & you've never sung a note in your life, it is NEVER too early to be inspired & NEVER too late to follow your dreams.

 Our Philosophy 
 One-To-One Music Lessons 

Whether it's Singing, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Music Theory or Songwriting & Composition, our teachers will tailor your lessons to suit you. They themselves are passionate about their instruments & want you to be too! So if it's making a grade, learning a song or performing in front of an audience, they can guide, teach & mould you into the musician you want to be.

All it takes is A Touch Of Musicality.

 Group Sessions 

As some people want to learn with others, we offer small group lessons & larger group sessions that can develop your learning. Whether you want to make friends or have a little competition then call us to arrange a place in one of our group lessons. Or make your own with a bunch of mates. 

 GcYc - Godalming Contemporary Youth Choir 

Godalming Contemporary Youth Choir is our youth vocal group. For an hour & a half a week, singers can come together to learn the art of harmony. We sing genres like Pop, Rock & other contemporary styles. All of the harmonies are original. If you want to make friends and sing in harmony with other other talented young singers then come & try out a session! Age 11-18.

 Band Jam 

Band Jam is our band session. It encourages musicians to come and play together in a band. They play all genres from rock, soul & funk to jazz & blues. A great way to meet young musicians and learn from each other. Plus there's always an opportunity to perform in public! Age 11-18. Starting from January 2019.